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Better daylighting, cleanliness and clarity ... to enhance your well-being!


The award-winning durable Ritec ClearShield® protection on the surface of glass in windows, sunrooms and skylights:


  • Saves cleaning time, as it is always easier to clean and keep clean

  • Ensures cleaner glass without the pain, as stubborn deposits are more easily removed

  • Maintains ‘as-new’ pristine appearance, as it resists staining and discoloration


Tree sap, bird lime and atmospheric pollution spoil the look of unprotected glass and easily stains the surface. Cleaning the build-up of dirt is very difficult, if not impossible. Unclean glass spoils the general appearance.


ClearShield Eco-Glass™ ensures that glass in windows, sunrooms and skylights remains as clean and bright as the day it was installed, giving optimal clarity with the least possible effort.


Case Caribe

Casa Caribe

Cancun, Mexico

This stunning property has a front view of the beach; all the glass can be moved so the living room integrates with the beach and the Caribbean Sea. 

However, after several years of exposure to Cancun’s weather, it started to become harder to clean and more importantly the time it stayed clean began to shorten. This increased the frequency and costs of cleaning. It got to the stage where it had to be cleaned every day – even on occasion, several times a day – in order to have the crystal clear view the owner demanded.

The cleaning of the ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ Glass now only takes place twice a week with very little effort involved, saving time. money and effort. The owner of the house can now appreciate a perfect view and the beautiful appearance of the glass is preserved.

< Before renovation and protection (top) and after

Olympus Tower Doc 33pc.jpg

Olympus Building

The Hague, Netherlands

Completed in 2002, this luxury apartment building is 164 feet high and consists of 16 floors. However, there are a few problems that negatively impact the glass. First, its city center location means traffic pollution is a major problem. Secondly, the coast of Scheveningen is just a mile away, so the constant sea wind blows salt and sand on to the glass surface, resulting in dirt and limescale build-up. On top of that, concrete dust and building run-off contaminated the glass.

For two years, the glass had been unprotected, resulting in contamination that could not be removed using conventional cleaning techniques.


The building's residents and the contractor decided the solution was for the glass to be renovated and treated with the Ritec ClearShield System®. Once the glass was restored to its original appearance, Ritec ClearShield® was applied to the glass to provide protection from contaminants, such as weathering and atmospheric pollution. This resulted in easier cleaning in the future and a longer-lasting pristine appearance between cleaning cycles. 

Resid-John Evemy.jpg

John Evemy's House

Basingstoke, UK

John Evemy specified Zenith windows and doors for his Basingstoke home back in 1991. The glass had the benefit of Ritec ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ protection as standard.

Almost 15 years later, John began to notice the glass was not as easy to clean and realized that it was time to have Ritec ClearShield® re-applied. Impressed with the easy-to-clean benefits and especially the durability of ClearShield® which lasted 14 years, John had no hesitation to call Ritec about retreatment. Ritec was happy to go on-site and apply ClearShield® to the existing windows and doors.

A delighted John now has 'non-stick', easy clean glass once more. “Ritec ClearShield® is an excellent product,” says John. “If anyone asked me I would certainly recommend it!”

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