"Our aim is to develop and market internationally ‘non-stick’ surface technologies for application to new and existing surfaces."

The story of ClearShield® began in 1981, when Stephen and Karen Byers investigated the potential for low-maintenance glass in the UK. They subsequently acquired rights to new technology for glass surface protection. Extensive research and improvements to the original formula followed, and the technology was branded 'ClearShield'.

In 1987, Ritec International Limited was formed in the UK by Stephen and Karen Byers. For almost 40 years, they developed the market for glass surface protection in the flat glass industry, effectively leading the industry and gaining immense field experience with its high quality technology, the Ritec ClearShield System®.

Ritec’s ClearShield® 'non-stick' glass has gained wide recognition and acceptance in the processing of glass as the industry and end-users of glass have become increasingly aware of the need to protect glass so that it keeps its promise of clarity, visibility and cleanliness over time.

Committed to product development and innovation, Ritec has not only built on its expertise for the protection of glass but also developed a fully integrated system for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass. Its range of quality products provides solutions to all glass users, whether applied in the factory or on-site.

The latest development is the Ritec ClearShield Eco-System® which is powered by the next generation ClearShield® that incorporates further improvements in performance and durability.

Today, hundreds of glass processors and fabricators worldwide enjoy the benefits of the Ritec ClearShield Eco-System® in a wide range of applications including architectural, decorative, shower screen, marine, rail transport and residential glass.

The performance of Ritec ClearShield® is now well recognized by the industry, and has proven results based not only on laboratory tests but more importantly on years of experience.

Because of the worldwide demand for surface protection technologies, Ritec has an extensive network of marketing partners globally offering Ritec products. ClearShield Technologies, LLC, based in Chicago, is a subsidiary of Ritec International Ltd in the UK. ClearShield Technologies covers the USA and Canada.

Ritec’s expertise has allowed the company to develop technologies for the renovation, protection and maintenance of other surfaces. This includes the Ritecoat System™ for metals, plastics and powder coat surfaces, the VoltShield System™ for glass and ceramic electrical insulators, SE-550 Silicone Eater and Ritepolish, a versatile surface cleaner particularly effective in removing suction cup marks.


Ritec International has an extensive network of distributors throughout the world. Ritec can supply products and support locally to many countries (represented by the green areas in the map above).

If you are not based in the USA or Canada, find your local Ritec International representative by clicking here or contact Ritec International in the UK directly by clicking here.


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