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A Complete System


The Ritec ClearShield Eco-System® is a unique, award-winning, fully-integrated system for:


  • Glass Renovation – brings glass already installed back to its ‘as-new’ appearance when all else fails


  • Glass ‘Non-Stick’ Protection – converts the surface of ordinary glass into ClearShield Eco-Glass® to help retain the original ease of maintenance, clarity and sparkle of glass


  • Glass Maintenance – a simple and environmentally friendly after-care program allows for ClearShield Eco-Glass® to perform for the life of the glass


Glass Renovation

Just as unprotected metal rusts, unprotected glass degrades. Contaminants stick firmly to the surface of unprotected glass, reducing visibility and ruining its appearance.

Ritec’s unique glass renovation process removes contamination – both organic and inorganic – from the surface of Problem Glass when regular cleaning is no longer effective.


When all else fails, renovation is the ideal solution for exterior and interior glass that have been contaminated and stained.


Glass ‘Non-Stick’ Protection

Immediately after renovation, the glass surface is sealed and protected by Ritec ClearShield®. Working like ‘non-stick' cookware, Ritec ClearShield® ‘non-stick’ protection prevents water and airborne dirt and contaminants to stick firmly and bond to the surface of glass, which normally leads to difficult, if not impossible, maintenance and staining.


Ritec ClearShield® protected glass, also known as ClearShield Eco-Glass®...

  • resists staining and discoloration

  • is always easier to clean and keep clean

  • typically halves frequency of cleaning


Glass Maintenance

Specific durability guidelines and after-care recommendations exist depending on the use and environment of ClearShield Eco-Glass®. Contact us now for information on your specific requirements.

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