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Easy to clean sandblasted glass surfaces that stay looking like new!
The award-winning durable Ritec ClearShield® protection on the surface of sandblasted glass:

  • resists fingermarks and other staining

  • is always easier to clean and keep clean

  • maintains visual appearance and intended design

Ordinary sandblasted glass easily and rapidly loses its visual appeal through staining, especially from fingermarks. Maintenance is very difficult if not impossible. 

Ritec ClearShield® protection is the ideal solution as it resists fingermarks and staining and maintains the intended beautiful appearance of decorative glass. In addition, sandblasted glass resembles the more desirable satin look of acid-etched glass.

Ritec ClearShield® is the only glass surface treatment that provides a smooth and uniform finish on the surface of sandblasted glass.


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The Modern

New York, USA

The Modern is ranked among a small group of New York’s finest restaurants and its contemporary design, inspired by the Bauhaus movement, has earned considerable acclaim as well.  

The low iron sandblasted glass walls are an integral focal point of the restaurant and are backlit to create additional impact. However, the rough surface of sandblasted glass is highly susceptible to unsightly fingermarks and staining and is often difficult to clean effectively. Thankfully, the Ritec ClearShield System® was specified to renovate and protect the floor-to-ceiling glass on-site.

The glass now retains its stunning looks for longer with reduced maintenance and without the need for harsh chemicals.

< Before renovation and protection (top) and after


Rockefeller Center

New York, USA

The building is owned and managed by Tishman Speyer, a very large and well-known real estate investment company.


Tishman Speyer was constantly frustrated with cleaning the acid-etched glass elevator doors and considered replacing them at great expense, even though the glass was relatively new. The Ritec ClearShield System® helped save money and gave them a long-term solution to keep the glass doors looking like new.

< Before renovation and protection (left) and after

Balthazar 9.jpg

The Balthazar Restaurant

London, UK

This second Balthazar restaurant was launched to great critical acclaim in Covent Garden and features stunning glass ‘Art Deco’ style interiors which are synonymous with the brand.

Having used Ritec’s ‘non-stick’ glass surface treatment for many years, Go-Glass in Cambridge factory-applied ClearShield® to the special acoustic laminated glass, in which they had etched a sandblasted border design. Not only is the glass easier to clean and keep clean for a longer-lasting pristine appearance, it is also more hygienic thanks to Ritec ClearShield's anti-bacterial properties.

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