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​Introduced in 1991 by Ritec International in the UK, the Ritecoat System™ has been specially developed for the on-site renovation, protection and maintenance of many surfaces including aluminium, stainless steel, powder coated, and painted surfaces. This unique System converts ordinary surfaces into durable ‘non-stick’, low-maintenance surfaces.


Working like ‘non-stick’ cookware, surfaces treated with the Ritecoat System™...


  • resist staining and discoloration, including weathering, graffiti and chemical attack, keeping their ‘as-new’ appearance and performance for much longer

  • are much easier to clean and keep clean, eliminating the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning methods

  • look cleaner and brighter for longer between cleaning – improving general appearance and customer satisfaction


The Ritecoat System™ has a proven track record and has been used in a wide range of environments around the world. It even protects surfaces in harsh marine or coastal settings. The System can also save you money as renovation is less expensive (and less hassle) than having to replace surfaces.

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