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Queen Bee Sculpture


Ritecoat™ has been tested extensively and has successfully passed the following areas:

  • General / mechanical

  • Abrasion and scratch resistance

  • Humidity / weathering

  • Salt spray resistance

  • Acid resistance

  • Resistance to bases / alkalis

  • Solvent resistance

  • Resistance to other liquids

Its performance has also been proven in the field with case studies from around the world...


Bees from 30m 2.jpg

Queen Bee Sculpture

Eureka Building, Melbourne, Australia

In 2006, Richard Stringer, a Melbourne artist, was commissioned by the tower’s architect Nonda Katsalidis to create Queen Bee, the major art component for the tower.

The sculpture hangs 100 feet from ground level and consists of twelve small bees and a single larger bee. The smaller bees are about the size of a small 2-door car, while the larger bee is the size of a mini van.

Each bee is made up of anodized aluminum plates, approximately 4" x 4" in size and pop-riveted to a fiberglass shell. There were problems during their construction in the factory however: each plate had silicone where the panels overlapped, and had been inadvertently smeared over the entire sculptures as the artist tried to clean it up. There was a solution to hand though: the Ritecoat System™. Once the surface was specially renovated, Ritecoat™ protective treatment was applied. With the protection phase complete, the bees were craned to the Eureka Tower.


Ritecoat™ protected the surface from tarnishing and corroding. It also enhanced the color of the aluminum and reduced the required maintenance on cleaning. This was particularly important because frequent access to the bees for maintenance would be problematic.


Toshiba Osaka Building

Osaka, Japan

Some 21,500ft² of external anodized aluminum panels were renovated and protected with the Ritecoat System™.

As a result of three-year comparative trial applications with a competitive resin coating, Ritecoat™ was the most superior and therefore specified for this project.

Thanks to the System, the panels now look like new for longer without the need for frequent maintenance.


Retail Unit

Breda, Netherlands

This project involved the Ritecoat System™ renovation and protection of over 12,600ft² of light and dark grey powder coated doors, frames and cladding.

The results are truly stunning. For the owner of the building, it means a more attractive building for tenants and visitors without the cost of expensive replacement, and easier maintenance in the future.


Of the four buildings owned by TMC Vastgoedbeheer on the same boulevard, this 14-year old building was the oldest. The powder coating was totally discolored and looked very aged. Regular washing was no longer sufficient to maintain a satisfactory appearance.

In collaboration with Segeren Cleaning over a period of 22 days, the Ritec’s team of experts used the Ritecoat System™ to carry out a deep clean to remove all contamination built up over the years. The next stage was the use of Ritecoat™ to protect the powder coated surface for a long-lasting ‘as-new’ appearance. Ritecoat™ also protects the surface from further build-up, making future cleaning significantly easier.

For solutions to renovate, protect and maintain metal, painted and plastic surfaces, get in touch with us.

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