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After-Care for ClearShield® Glass is especially developed for the routine cleaning of all types of ClearShield Eco-Glass™ around the home, including sandblasted glass. 

This specialist product efficiently wipes off salt/hard water, finger-marks, tree saps, traffic pollution, bird-lime and other dirt and greasy substances. 


  • Highly effective, especially developed for the special protection
  • Very practical, requires no rinsing, dries quickly and leaves no film / residue
  • Recommended for all types of glass and other surfaces including metals and plastics

Regular use optimizes the performance and durability of the unique protection. For the maintenance of ClearShield Eco-Glass™ in a shower environment, we recommend the use of After-Care for Shower Glass.

After-Care for ClearShield® Glass

  • 500ml trigger spray bottle

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