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Ritepolish for Removal of Suction Cup Marks and Mineral Deposits from glass and stainless steel

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Brand: ClearShield Technologies Ritec

A mild abrasive cleaner for the effective removal of mineral and other deposits from PVC-u, stainless steel, paint, glass, porcelain, aluminium, and tiles. Also highly effective for the removal of marks left by suction cups on glass.

Also an effective option for cleaning stainless steel including sinks

**Should not be used on glass protected with ClearShield, but safe to use on unprotected glass

500ml Cylindrical Bottle

-Removes suction cup marks on glass

- Highly effective

- User friendly

- Versatile applications

Watch a video on how to use this product HERE

For case quantity discounts, please call 847-671-4584 for pricing

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