About Us

"Our goals are to offer a complete range of innovative and environmentally-responsible solutions for the long-term protection, maintenance and renovation of glass and to support our customers’ efforts in creating and marketing high-quality, Low-Maintenance / Easy Clean Glass."

With over 30 years of field experience and proven results in almost every imaginable environment, ClearShield Technologies is the pioneer and market leader for Low-Maintenance/Easy Clean Glass. The ClearShield System has won numerous awards for providing unique solutions for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass.

The story of ClearShield began in 1981, when the need for a Low-Maintenance/Easy Clean Glass solution was investigated. After several years of successful experience in marine conditions, ClearShield was introduced for use on glass on commercial and industrial buildings.

In 1983, Ritec was formed in the UK and developed the market for glass surface protection in the flat glass industry. The company’s unique polymeric resin and the ancillary products that make up the ClearShield System effectively lead the industry and gained immense field experience. Ritec’s commitment to product development and innovation has seen the introduction of specialized formulations of ClearShield for glass used in different environments and specific types of glass. It has been made more versatile, and can be applied either in the factory onto new glass or in the field for glass previously installed.

Ritec subsequently created joint venture partners and developed worldwide distributors to expand its reach into markets looking for Low-Maintenance/Easy Clean Glass solutions. These expansions lead to the appointment of ClearShield Technologies, LLC as the North American partner of Ritec. Since then, ClearShield has protected many millions of square feet of glass and won several industry awards on the way.

During this time, ClearShield Low-Maintenance/Easy Clean Glass has gained recognition and acceptance with glass manufacturers and processors. Consumers have also become increasingly aware of the need to protect glass, keeping its promise of clarity, visibility and cleanliness over time.

Recently we launched the 'new and proven' ClearShield Eco-System.

The ClearShield Eco-System is 'new' because it includes the next generation of award-winning Ritec ClearShield with further improvements in performance and durability and has new ways of creating real added value, both tangible and intangible, at each step of the glass supply chain.

The ClearShield Eco-System is ‘proven’ because its core technology, the polymeric resin of award-winning ClearShield durable, “non-stick”, easy-clean glass surface protection has not changed since its introduction in 1981 and is still the first and only liquid-applied glass surface treatment proven through real life experience.

The ClearShield Eco-System is used to upgrade ordinary, unprotected glass to ClearShield Eco-Glass.